Blackmore Institute Integrative prescribing Masterclass 2018

how to apply framework in Pharmacy store

Everyday, we recommendation, based on evidence & fact, Pharmacy face with lots of competition, pressure but one who survive are those who take opportunity …

complementary medicine is one way to be different

Blackmores institute

about only evidence, provide pharmacist to do their job well

now customers expect more from us, they want to discuss, they want secondary – tertiary solution.

Customers ask question, they think pharmacist know the answers and increase desire for options

and Complementary Medicines could make different to pharmacy

What pharmacist need to do

what need to be considered?

Pharmacist should be on the shop floor, ask patients how can we help you.

The session after this will be key rehearsal about Herbal and nutrition supplement to be used in the workshop in the next step

Andrographis (ฟ้าทะลายโจร)

before: prevent 1-2 month before cold season

during: 3-4 days (max 5)


key is wound healing : keyword infection, dibetic patients

take aftermeal

conversation : ACE inhibitor for reduce BP – Zn inefficiency


key: brain

4-6 months for optimal effect


MMMM … Mag-muscle -mood-mens-

PPI : Lifestyle drug! people suffered with heartburn and use PPI

muscle cramp

diabetics patients

Omega 3

Cardiovascular- TG-Hypertension

some worry about EPA with pregnancy

think 8 weeks

Milk thistle

for angry liver ,

Case study Section

Zn, Multivitamin, Andrographis

cramp : frurosemide … Mg

Atenolo : slow HR …. Q10, Fish oil

Depress: Mg

Alcohol : Milk thistle

Lt suggestion : adjust food & exercise


  • this case is complicate
  • from workshop … recommended differently , pharmacist should prioritise what’s the main problem which it is “leg cramp” and service him for long term
  • Mg : for cramping and sleep better
  • he is over weight but cant say directly : look for other way to exercise
  • explore word “moderate alcohol
  • Q10 due to simvastatin : (statin cramp and muscle pain) and help with energy and CV health
  • Nutrition for brain / Cognitive decline
  • St John Worth : for depress but! dont use for this case because he use Simvastatin!!! … drug interaction

  • high Liver enz make him nausea : Milk Thistle , Omega-3 (Bp maybe normal now but next 2 month)
  • high stress, rubbish food, work long hour,
  • don’t sleep : Q10 to protect heart and give more energy
  • give advise to save his life

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